Goal Meeting Tiddy Bits

Winged Guitar of the Day

Winged Guitar of the Day

My goal today was to accomplish nothing and guess what…I met my goals!

I have napped off and on and got lots os snuggle time with my doggies as well as caught up with all the treasures waiting for me on my DVR.  It has been a good day.

Redneck Lazy 


I don’t like kids, but I like this one.  

Poor Carrie. Ouchie.  

Do two wrongs make a right?  

Sheryl Crow and Florida Georgia Line…does anything scream Country Music Association more than those two names? 

Every time I hear the song now I expect to hear Eric Raines talking over it…

Why can’t McCheesedick and RaeLynn get on a plane and fly to Cambodia and stay. 

The Honky Tonk Chatter Box…

He doesn’t suck.  


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