Gloomy-Hum-Drum Tiddy Bits

The Winged Guitar Of The Day

It is Monday and I am STILL in this gloomy-hum-drum mood of mine. Ugh. I dunno what the deal is. I think I just need a good haircut…or drugs. Both?

Enough about me…here are some links to less bitchy things!

Piss off Bobby…the Cancer card? Really?  

The Leg of the Hog Address?  

Sadly, sometimes I think I am one bad hair day away from this too… 

Oh…and this too.  

Congressman Clay 

My EPIC Loretta video…ok, not so epic.  

I dunno what all this means, I just hope I get to keep talking on the radio.  

New Don 

The hardest working Redneck does Billboard with Chuck 

Cause he’s George…that’s why!  


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