Get in Rita’s Box!

Ok, I am being immature with that title…but yes, everyone get into my box, my INBOX!

What a difference a day makes. I am not sure how you peeps found me, but I am digging it. PLEASE keep the emails coming…that is what will make this fun and totally interactive.

I got a special treat in my inbox this morning…a real life Facebook sighting of a MAN FAN! I laughed my ass off when I saw this:

Diego was just having a good time! Good for him…even if he basically said Wade FUCKING Bowen sounded like shit, he can’t help that he suffers from Douchebag Turret’s Syndrome. It really is becoming an epidemic.

And don’t worry, I don’t plan on just fronting out the Man Fans of this world. There is definately a female equivalent to him out there..but she is much more complex. We will get to her!

Everyone have a great weekend and be sure to go out and catch some LIVE music…and keep the emails coming!!



  • Reply February 22, 2010


    I noticed a obscene amount of under age chicks rocking the bump on slut row at Gilley's….Guess I didn't get the memo :^(

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  • Reply February 23, 2010


    You are "definitely" a douche for becoming the grammar police for a satirical music blog. Congrats!

  • Reply February 23, 2010


    Thanks! If you're going to publish something, learn how to spell! (And I was actually acting as the SPELLING police…) Spelling and grammar aren't the same thing. Duh!

  • Reply July 20, 2011

    Chae Godines

    #4 Broncos vs. #5 Colts -> Plays Titans

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