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The three albums I am looking the most forward to this spring are of course my two obsessions, Kacey Musgraves and Charlie Worsham…but also Ashley Monroe. I know she is a Pistol Annie and that automatically gives her street cred and everything, but I remember Ashley’s voice from Wade Bowen’s “If We Ever Make It Home”. I didn’t remember that I remembered that until I heard it on the radio the other day, but sure enough that’s her.

And I THINK this is her singing on Cory Morrow’s “More Than Perfect” too, but I am not sure and I am too lazy to Google it. (If I’m wrong, my bad…I am still posting the song. You don’t have to Tweet me and tell me I am a fat ass that doesn’t know what she’s talking about. We will just call it even.)

Anywhoo…the point was, I am very excited about Ashley’s solo album titled Like A Rose that comes out on March 5th.

Word is the album was produced by Vince Gill and they co-wrote the song she sings with Steadman, “You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter) that I ran across yesterday.

I can’t remember if we are still mad at Blake for Jackassandoldfartgate, but I guess it is cute. Obviously it has a throwback country jackass and old fart sound to it even if they are singing about modern shit like The Voice and 50 Shades of Grey. If you pre-order the album from iTunes HERE, you automatically get that song and you don’t have to wait until March 5th.

BUT….you can also get a FREE download of the “Like A Rose” song immediately HERE on her website.

I love love love her voice, but I’m just not sure I can see country radio playing it…even if she does have the Shelbert mainstream connections. I HOPE I’m wrong.


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  • Reply February 23, 2013

    Delta Dawn

    I’ve loved Ashley Monroe every since “I Don’t Want To” came out in 2006!

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