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Welcome to July everyone. Guess what happens in July?  I sweat. I sweat like Brandon Rhyder after his third verse of “Freeze Frame Time”. (Sorry, that joke never gets old to me. I am easily amused.)

I hate the fucking summer. I HATE IT. I should have been born in Alaska.

Other than sweating and hoping the fireworks stands don’t all catch on fire and burn down the entire state, another month in 2013 means another freebie song from Adam Hood. This month’s treasure is titled “Not In The Same Place” and per Mr. Hood he co-wrote this song with his buddy Travis Howard. Adam said, “Every time I passed the Paul’s Valley exit on I-35 I said to myself, ‘I want to put that in a song.’”

It is a happy little ditty about some bitch stealing all your money. From his recent tweets, I secretly think Adam wrote this song about PANDORA, but he assures us that this song is completely fabricated.

Do you dig it?  Well you can just click HERE to download this song for your very own…for FREE.



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