Father’s Day Tiddy Bits

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It is Father’s Day.

This isn’t exactly one of my FAVORITE holidays…but today hasn’t been so bad.

I did post some of my own dad’s fatherly advice on Instagram, so I might as well share it here too.


I am all for making fun of Tay Tay, but when Leno does it…it seems extra creepy.

Get Well Ray. If something unfortunate happens, the CMT Awards won’t even mention you.

LJT revisited.

Poor Luther…

Kelly does Zane

“I’m not opposed to country music. Just these days, the scene, it’s like a f**kin’ Budweiser commercial — just how it’s all marketed and all of that shit, and some of the stuff they’re singing about.”


I hated her on Idol, now I just wanna eat her up.

I’m not cool enough for this lineup…

First Carrie, then Taylor and now Brad. NOW it isn’t SPECIAL anymore. 

Beaver, just because.  

Winged Guitar of the Day 

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