She Ain’t No Princess

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The Caveman. The Cowboy. The Roloff. The dirty, Dirty one. I kinda dig them a lot lately.

They are collectively known as the Dirty River Boys and they were on the Texas Music Scene:

If you were able to make it to the Music Fest in Steamboat this year you know that the Dirty River Boys just electrified the crowds everywhere they performed. The boys dropped by the Texas Music Scene sound stage to talk about the band and their recent success.

I have to agree…”She” is my favorite song live. There is nothing like a crazy bitch song to get your day started. I jam in the car to this one.

“She’s like her own fucked up version of a fairytale…”


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    “The Roloff” made coffee come out of my nose. Nino Cooper needs to get in my pocket.

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