Eleven Minutes Of Hayes Carll’s Life He Will Never Get Back Again…

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Ha!  Bless Hayes Carll’s heart. He is such a trooper.

Hayes was sweet enough to chit-chat with me a little bit today after my radio shift. I think I might have to agree with Cindy Griffin Clouch from Facebook, I am pretty damned annoying. Also, there were a few technical difficulties and a huge delay with the sound on this one. I couldn’t hear Hayes and I don’t think he could hear me…so I talked over him the entire time.

Sorry Cindy Griffin Clouch, I really am trying to get a little better with my interviewing skills. I’m a health inspector.

We chatted about Uncle Lucious, Hayes’ infamous American flag sweater, my new boobs and whether or not they can/will grow back and about the Ray Wylie Hubbard Grit-N-Groove Festival!

Also, I was going to share the video of Hayes and John on the Tonight Show that we were talking about, but womp, womp womp…NBC Universal blocked it.

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Don’t forget, you can see Hayes THIS weekend, Saturday, April 6, 2013 at WhiteWater Amphitheater in New Braunfels!

Click HERE to get your tickets!


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