Eat a Bag of Dierks: A Twitter War…

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I live for this shit. Seriously.

Looks like we have a little Twitter war on our hands out of the strangest of places…Jason Isbell versus Dierks Bentley.

Here is how things began:

Wow…harsh, I love it. Well, I wasn’t familiar with Jason’s song but I have heard Dierks’s “I love ‘Merica” song “Home”.

Let’s compare the two, shall we?

In A Razor Town:


I gotta admit, they do sound the same! Wow.

But the only thing is…Dierks didn’t write the song alone, he wrote it with Dan Wilson and Brett Beavers.

(At this point I am going to pretend I know who Dan Wilson is, because I don’t. Don’t judge me.)

Jason didn’t care about that and still says Dierks is the bad guy…

Did I mention I love this shit?

I did have to laugh at Jason’s disclaimer about losing Twitter followers for ranting about Dierks. I could be wrong, but I am fairly certain that not a lot of his fans are Dierks fans.

Since someone ganked all Jason’s equipment and van this year, he’s sick of shit being stolen…or least that’s what he said.

So what did Dierks have to say about all this? Let’s see:

The only thing worse that stealing someone’s song is spelling their Twitter name incorrectly.  That is total disrespect.  Giggle.


Dierks just played the “Get Over Yourself” card.  That is almost the equivalent of the “Get A Life” card.  This is some quality Twitter war shit right here boys and girls!

*Insert obligatory Josh Abbott/Randy Rogers joke here*

Hmmm….let’s read how he wrote it by clicking HERE.

You also have a song, “Home,” rising on the country charts right now. How does that feel?

I feel really fortunate because I think Dierks and Brett Beavers and I wrote a song I’m extremely proud of.

Logistically, how did you write it?

The beginning of the song was really an even give-and-take between the three of us. I had asked if we could write in a place with a grand piano, and that’s really unusual in Nashville. Usually you write a song in the publisher’s office with a printer humming next to your head and the phone ringing every once in a while. You’re just sitting on somebody’s couch, literally, in a little office. I have never really found that very inspiring.

So we got a place with a grand piano and we kind of talked for a little while and didn’t really play any music. We talked for about 20 minutes and shot the breeze in a kind of general way.
And then Dierks got a phone call from his wife and he had to go out and answer it. It was about his car, and it was some little thing that he had to take care of. So he went out of the studio.

And I think Brett started strumming something and I might have played a chord on the piano, and in about five minutes, we had the verse melody, which was mostly Brett, but I think it was inspired by the piano.

He had told me that he never writes with people sitting at a piano. It’s very unusual for him. And it was a strange and kind of cool new thing to do. When Dierks came back in, we played him this thing. And he said “when did you come up with that?” [LAUGHS]

Brett said, “We did it just now.” Dierks replied, “Where did it come from?” And Brett said, “It fell from the sky.” Then I think we kind of banged around on verse ideas. I’m pretty sure that I sort of announced boldly that the song sounded like a patriotic song, and it needed to have the word “America” in it.

Both Brett and Dierks were slightly horrified by the blatantness of putting the word in. But I kept waving that flag. Then Brett wrote what turned into the third verse. Then Dierks came up with the hook line of the song. 

Does anyone else think Dan Wilson looks like Jack Ingram…before he shaved his head?

I think the song SOUNDS really, really, really similar…if not exactly the frigging same, but the lyrics and subject matter are obviously different.

What do y’all think?

Jason just gave what appears to be his last words on the subject:

WHAT?  Bullshit!  You better Twitter fight another grown person!  Do you realize how much publicity this is going to get on the real blogs?

So far, that seems to be the end of this Celebrity Twitter War…hopefully there will be more to come.



  • Reply January 7, 2012


    I think Dierks’ PR agent needs to find something better to do with her time than fight his battles under his name. I’m sure Aldean took a shit somewhere that she needs to tweet about.

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    HIlarious…. Jason’s song is authentic and poignant. Dierk’s (what’s up with the spelling? ) is slick and contrived. Sound way to much alike and like Springsteen.

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    Maybe I’m just not very observant, but I wouldn’t have related the 2 songs at all if I had just randomly heard Jason’s. Although it’s entertaining for us, I think it’s so unprofessional to air that shit on Twitter. If you really have a problem & think someone stole your song, take care of it privately. Just my opinion! :) Although I do love reading this stuff…ha!

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    Tweeter Wars….. Ha ha

    Musicians behaving professionally? Oxymoron ….

  • Reply January 7, 2012


    Gotta love a good ole twitter war! they make me happy…

  • Reply January 8, 2012


    He had lots of those people that cared about his career and the quality of his music he just fired them all for a bigger bus.

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  • Reply January 8, 2012

    Ernie McCracken


    Long time reader and fan of the blog. After reading about this I had to write a blog myself because it was WAY too similar. Last year I think Dierks may have done the same thing to Matt King. Dierks song “Up on the Ridge” seems to take pieces from both Matt King’s songs “Hard Luck Road” and “Shanty Town” Check out my blog post for more info and you be the judge. It’s just too similar to be ignored.

    Thanks and stay warm up there! I’m missing it this year.


    • Reply January 9, 2012


      WOW…that is crazy! They DO sound the same…wow.

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