Draw Something Tiddy Bits

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Ahhhhhhh…I’m here, I’m here! Sorry. I am literally obsessed with the iphone ap “Draw Something”. I can’t put it down, so I haven’t blogged.  My total bad. This is why I don’t need to drink or try any drugs, I have such an obsessive personality. I don’t want to oversell myself, but I might be the best Draw Something drawe’er ever!

If you are in or around the Cleburne area tomorrow, Thursday…bring your butt on out to the Caddo Street Grill at 6 pm if you want to be a video!  I know I do so I am going to be there. Steve Helms is filming a video for his song “Wanted Woman” and needs some extras.

Here are some bits of tiddy for this lovely Wednesday evening:

Future Household Names? 

Love me some Garth.  

Where in the hell is Sebastopol, Tx? 

Country Dopplers… 

I only kinda liked it.  

Photoshopped Barbie 

Does he not have enough money?  

Keep on dreaming…

Buddy, JB, Beer and Breakfast! 

Mickey NO E in the Fog.  

I know she is a child so I can’t say mean things about her, but homegirl CAN NOT SING.  

Free Green 


I sat on his guitar.  

Winged Guitar of the Day 



  • Reply March 9, 2012


    Draw Something is my FAVORITE! Play with me! HallieB43

  • Reply March 11, 2012

    Anon Y Mouse

    I’m expecting Carrie’s next cd to just have her legs as the cover photo. I want to scream at her “we get it already!!”

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