Do Over Tiddy Bits…

Yesterday sucked ass.  I went to get my daily supersized Diet Coke and the lady didn’t put the lid on tight enough so when I put the straw in it, it exploded everywhere!  Well, all I remember is looking down to try and wipe up the mess and when I looked up….I had taken down a frigging school sign.  It was so scary!

I know it could have been worse and I could have taken down a family of four, but it still sucks because I just paid the car off last week.  Ugh…and you would have thought that this was a 17 car pile up because it took one patrol car, two police officers, two fire trucks, multiple firemen, the hazmat team, two Shitville ISD trucks and employees, two City of Shitville trucks, one wrecker and the NEWSPAPER to come and take care of the situation.  I was mortified.

Well, they hauled my little Beetle away and I am waiting to hear the news on her health. I did get a Pontiac Sunfire rental…it’s so pimp, NOT!

Oh well…what can you do?  Shit happens I guess.  I am going to try and have a “Do Over” today and maybe head into Austin so I won’t be around today…so here are the Tiddy Bits!

Twenty with LJT

Why isn’t anyone calling out McCheese Dick on the JOHN ANDERSON cover?

ZZ Toppers

The boys of the dirty river….

Oh hell…why not?  I liked this.  Don’t judge me.

Max Live…

I’m gonna make a list of “Scene” artists like this…

Flying Guitar of the Day


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