Dirty Bluebonnet Tiddy Bits

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What day is it? I can’t keep track. I just know it is the day after Dance Moms and the night of American Idol.

I have been looking for a dress to wear to the Lone Star Music Awards all week. Ugh. I hate shopping sometimes. I did buy a cute dress at Cavenders, but it is more of a back up just in case I don’t find something dress. I love the cut of the dress even if it looks like I could breastfeed an entire Ethiopian village…and not in a good way. A cami or tank and a Strap Perfect can solve that problem, but I don’t think the print is all that flattering. It isn’t stripes, more like an Aztec print, but it is running across rather than up and down. I don’t think Aztec print was meant to be wore across the ass, but it just might have to do if I don’t find something better. And luckily for me, I have a giant acorn zit I can feel perculating above my eyebrow.  It should be nice and ripe just in time for Sunday.  Whoohoo.

I ran across these pictures on The Dirty River Boys Twitter page today.  If these guys frollicing in the bluebonnets don’t make you smile just a little, I got nothing.

Willie loves animals. 

Pat’s demons. 

Can JB do this?  

Trailer is going to hell.  

He’s a butt nugget… 

Some guy I don’t know got married.  

If THIS is country, I don’t want a fucking thing to do with country music.  

He’s slow.  

The song everyone has been raving about from the TRRRRRs. (They play it every episode of Troubadour, TX btw.)

I am only posting this cause days like this make me miss Dudley.  

Every time we… 

Forget the Bad Girls Club, we have Brooke Jeter 

Winged Guitar of the Day



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