Deryl Dodd…Super Hero

Y’all may or may not have heard about the altercation Deryl Dodd had this week with some muggers and his neighbor David at a Red Box, but here is the story…as told by David:

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this is David, Deryl’s neighbor. Deryl and i live in the same building and i was walking out to my car last night to go to seven 11 to get some movies from red box when i saw deryl was pulling in. he said he had been in ft. worth visiting a friend in the hospital. it was …late (as we are both night owls) we spoke as i was walking to my car, i knew he had been to the super bowl and talked about that. he showed me his super bowl ticket which i offered to buy from him with his signature but he said no way !! i am a fan of his music but i like helping keep his privacy. but a rock star he certainly is!!! but he’s been a good friend to me. i had some car trouble awhile back and he ran me all over town, no questions asked. well, he said for me to hop in and that he would run me downtown. he said he was hungry and wanted to get some water. so i jumped in and we headed downtown. we laughed about how he was usually getting in from some gig while i was leaving for work! i don’t know how he does it. anyway, talking about Deryl being a good friend, we got to the store and i went up to the red box to flip through some movies. he went inside. as i was standing at the red box i noticed two guys walk up and stood on both sides of me. i instantly knew this wasn’t good. they were wearing ski masks and the guy on my right looked to have a gun or something metal and pushed it against my side and said to give up the wallet. i was really scared and was slowly reaching for it when deryl came around the corner and bullrushed the guy to my left to the ground and threw several punches while the other guy turned to Deryl and struck him hard in the back of the head with whatever the object was in his hand. deryl fell to the ground holding his head and the 2 men ran off as one of the store clerks came out, it happened so fast and i reached down to check on my friend. i pulled his hand away and saw blood. i told the store clerk to call the police. i helped him to his feet and could tell he was hurting. i sat him down on the curb and went for a rag and some ice. the police came and i filed a report and gave descriptions of the two men. one of the officers recognized Deryl’s name and said he loved his music. so deryl asked me to go get 2 cd’s out of his truck. thats the kind of guy he is. they asked if he needed an ambulance, Deryl just wanted to go home. the police offered to take him to baylor but i told them i would get him to the emergency room. so we loaded up and drove to the hospital and he was feeling sick at his stomach. we managed to get to emergency and get signed in. deryls wallet consists of a credit card, his license and insurance card wrapped in a rubber band. what century are you from! so i filled out his paper work and began the wait. we knew the cut wasn’t that bad but he kept his head down to his knees. a nurse walked up, also realizing it was the double d and expedited him right to a room. sucks being deryl!! anyway, they examined him and bandaged up his head, no stitches just a big knot. when she raised his sleeve to take his blood pressure we saw a tattoo that read ‘things are fixin to get real good’ we laughed because we both love that song and said ‘well things got good tonight cause we’re still here!!’ he laughed and he needed to laugh. that could have all gone down in a worse way but didn’t. my buddy deryl did a brave thing and i got away with my wallet and our lives thank God!!! they released him and said cold compresses, tylenol and could i stay with deryl through the night and wake him up every 15 minutes. i said of course i can. so we got back to the apartments and he said ‘lets do this again soon’ i laughed but think it hurt for him to laugh! got him on his couch, he didnt want to go to his bed. but the guy never went to sleep!! so finally around 5 am he slept for an hour and i woke him up and asked the questions, ‘whats your name, do you know where you are, do you know what happened, address and date. he gave me all wrong answers every time to mess with me. he said he felt much better and i had to leave at 8 to go to work. he says he owes me big time. i said no it is i who owes you!!!! i’ve been calling him, he is well except for the back of his noggin where he said ‘the good Lord blessed him with his hard head!!!’ well thats it. i wanted to tell the story to SOMEONE against his wishes but he lost!! not only an amazing and gifted artist but a brave man and great friend. God Bless you double d!!!! i know everybodys prayin for ya that reads this. we love you!! now write a song about it!!!!!


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