Day After Monday Tiddy Bits

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It sure is Tuesday we are having!

Did y’all know that Chris Christie is going to be the key note speaker at the Republican convention? Well, he is.  I know this because I read it on the radio today during the drive time news report.  I then followed it up with “Wow, that is so great.  I am so glad that she is doing so well after that horrible shooting! It really is a miracle”.

Ummm, yeah That wasn’t Chris Christie.  That was Gabby Gifford.  Totally different person.

Womp womp wompppppp…

Camille On Fire

Howdy Doody fell off the stage, but someone pulled up on his puppet strings and saved him. 

Outlaw Rules

Sometimes you just feel like a little Cher in your life. Don’t hate. 

What?  No PoPo? 

Leaving the Ville

It’s nothing, until you shit yourself.  I’m just saying. 

No wonder there were no details, gotta save the good stuff for “exclusive” tv show moola

Little Matty

Magic Mike…NOT!  

So beautiful.  It makes me not give up hope.  

Not music, but we laughed our butts off at this today at work. 

Winged Guitar of the Day


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