Crazy Week Tiddy Bits

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What a crazy week…and this coming week should be even more hectic. I am slowly but surely getting used to my new schedule.  I don’t mind the getting up in the middle of the night, it is the going to bed so early that is killing me. I am so behind on blogging and it makes me feel like an asshole for shafting y’all.  I PROMISE I will try and get things up faster and more often throughout the day.  I even downloaded a WordPress Ap on my phone so hopefully I can figure out how to just post without my laptop or wireless.

So, what have we missed?  All kinds of stuff.

If you only read one thing this year, let it be this!  

The loser from American Idol finally takes some of that nasty weave out!  

Britt-Britt loves EYB 

BJS alive at BBTx

Billy was only 6 months late with this one.  

Willie Heros  

Hmmm…Steadman’s cake. 

Wade, RRB and Sunny on the CMAFest River. 

George never fell off the stage.  

Jason Speaks 

I like this song ALOT, but the American flag isn’t a scarf.  

Really Jason?  Really?  

I’m that much older than Bleu?  

Slanged Shafter 

Winged Guitar of the Day


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  • Reply April 15, 2012

    Texas Women Fan

    I need my laughs from you for the 2nd episode of Texas Women. You can’t imagine how it makes my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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