Chuckie Goes Hollywood

My Computer Powers That Be gave me the go ahead to keep blogging. Honestly, I don’t think they ever took it away, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t write a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t technically make it over to the new blog. I spent the past 2 days re-catergorizing so much of my old stuff and then I got to the point where I started cherry picking and only bothering with the “good stuff”. I can’t get over how much pure gibberish I have written the past 3 years.

Stay tuned for all the big Ritaville announcements. I have some HUGE stuff to share with y’all…but not until the time is right.

Once upon a time I stumbled sent this adorable YouTube video of this kiddo named Charlie banging on his kitchen cabinets and playing Ozzy Osbourne on his banjo. I trying unmercifully and semi-successfully to somehow inject myself into his life or at least become his Twitter friend via my online stalking strategies all because I knew one day he was going to be a rich and powerful superstar and I wanted to get on that celebrity Christmas Card list.  The next thing I know…he was performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Awww…ain’t he sweet. That was my #BanjoBoy Charlie Worsham…who by the way, I have never seen play the banjo ever again EXCEPT in that YouTube video…with a giant orchestra of a band. Seriously, it was like the Miami Sound Machine up there with all those people.

They did such a great job!

I did have to giggle about how many texts I got Friday night from people during the show. I felt a bit like a creepy stalker. He’s not my kid y’all! Sidenote: Actually something really cute happened when we went out Thursday night. I was in line at the bar at the Cody Johnson show at Bostocks and some cowboy tapped me on the shoulder while walking thru the crowd and said, “Hey Rita, my dad likes that banjo boy because he plays the banjo and we got him the internet” and just kept walking before I could even respond.

Maybe I do blog about Charlie too much, but that’s ok. I swear I am not going to boil his basset hound.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.49.51 PM

Someone Twattermailed me and asked me if I knew anything about the yellow “FTL” button that Charlie had on his guitar strap. I didn’t, but I did a little researching and now I do.

Click HERE to read all about the “For The Linds” Sarcoma Fund in honor of Lindsay Walleman.

Charlie has his album coming out on August 20th…so y’all might have to put up with a few extra Banjo Boy blogs outta me in the next few weeks.


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