Charlie Robison: Cuffed And Stuffed?

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Looks like Charlie Robison had an interesting night over the weekend…or at least it does according to his own Facebook page status updates:

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I had my people call his people and got the entire story and HERE is what happened…

Just kidding.

I have no people.

I know nothing about nothing as far as this story goes, but it looks like everyone went on to enjoy the rest of their Spring Break.

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Again, I don’t know all the details and I LOVE the long arm of the law especially any officers that might ever want to arrest me, but this reminds me of the song that Corey Smith…who I also wasn’t familiar with before this song…sang at our KOKE FM showcase during SXSW.

Sidenote: Do y’all hear that cackling lady in this video? Don’t ever be her. Ever. No one likes that lady. Can someone arrest her?


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