Breaking Bad Finale Tiddy Bits

It has been a CRAZY weekend. I will catch you all up with the story about the Banjo Boy show and all about Fowler Fest…but until then, here are a few Tiddy Bits before the big Breaking Bad Finale.

Winged Guitar of the Day

Winged Guitar of the Day

That’s why he’s the king I guess.

For real with this headline? Why would that even be an option?

Sigh. I don’t really have anything to say about this.

He doesn’t like artist bashing…but has no problem continuing to stir up the shit pot.

Why can’t Front Porch Thang/Thing be their next single?

Where are the outlaws talking about something important…asks Jason Boland. 

Get cleared with your beard.

The Willie Dillo has been returned!

The Pat Green restaurant opening soon!

Twitter Wins!

“Thank you for loving us and helping us change country music”…really? REALLY?  



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