Brandy Clark’s ‘Crazy Women’ Performance On ‘Late Night’ (VIDEO)

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Ballou TubeApparently all I am going to post about this week are television appearances from Wade Bowen and Brandy Clark.

I am totally okay with that.

Here is the fabulous Grammy nominee who once gave me 140 characters of advice on how to apply fake eyelashes on Twitter, which in my mind makes us best friends forever, preaching the truth about how “crazy women” ARE made my crazy men on Late Night with Seth Myers.


Sidenote #1: Who in the hell is Seth Myers? I am not even being twatty or sarcastic…I really don’t know. I haven’t watched late night television since the USA Network started playing Law and Order SVU 24/7.

Sidenote #2: If I ever have a band and need “walk on music”…this is going to be my song.


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