Boxing Day Tiddy Bits…

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I guess everyone is still on vacation…the blogs are SLOW on the internets today.  I guess people have lives and don’t spend all their time on the computer like I do. Maybe everyone went Boxing.  Isn’t it “Boxing Day?”

I would NEVER name my vibrator Trace Adkins!  

This is a long ass list… 

December’s Country Line 

We will be there…you should be too.  

Bleu and Buddy… 

Awwww…Rhinestone Glenn. 

The day Trigger was saved!  

$1000 albums for $5 

I see no mascara, but he has to use Latise…those lashes are covet-worthy. 

I feel ya Gary P…I feel ya.   

Sunny was #42 

Halloween KRH

Winged Guitar of the Day 


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