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The Winged Guitar of the Day

The Winged Guitar of the Day

The Tiddy Bits are back!  The Tiddy Bits are back! Thank Gawd all mighty…the Tiddy bits are back!


Damn Diva! 

Bee-Rad’s Monthly Banter 

Argggg…where is her parrot?  

Ehhh. At least he didn’t name drop a rapper in this shit show. 

“Hey Loretta, I love you more than my Irish Setter…” 

Ray’s acrylic nails… 

Would I hit it?  The jury is still out for me personally just because of those jeans, but people are digging him. I don’t hate the song…I guess I should.  

Did they not learn anything from Jake Owen?   

Nobody puts baby momma in the corner. 

Sad Cowboy news :( 

I petted his hair once. Ricky, not Peter. True story.  

SAVE the Choo-Choo! 

A DJ that mixes other people’s songs together has a record deal, but this guy doesn’t. Let that sink in Country Music fans.  

His teeth are the best in the biz…much better than Luke Bryan’s choppers.  

Winged Guitar of the Day 


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