Blake Shelton Guest Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’: A Rita Review


I can’t remember the last time I purposely sat down to watch Saturday Night Live. I think it might have been years and years ago when Howard Stern was the guest host. It just isn’t a show I normally watch. Maybe if they could get Keith Morrison to do commentary while someone tried to figure out who murdered who or if some white trash teen mom with really cheap hair extensions and her shitty life choices was the plot of the show I would watch it more. I am very specific about the things I like to enjoy on my tv, but the fact that I stayed up late and only watched the show only to see Blake Shelton as the guest host means no matter what I say about this episode, he already wins.

I guess deep down I can’t help but like the dude even if I get so tired of seeing him all over the place. Four years ago when I was live tweeting a Charlie Pride concert he tweeted to me and said I was funny so that is really all it takes for me to love someone forever…even if I only referred to him as “Steadman” for years after he married Miranda…long before The Voice catapulted him into superstar status of course.

I didn’t like ALL of the skits, in fact I REALLY hated the Hee-Haw monologue, but all in all I guess the show wasn’t too terrible.

Why not just say:

“Hey y’all, I am a country music singer so I am going to do the most cliche’d typical thing I can possibly think of and start this little hoe down out with some hay. No one will be expecting THAT! I know that hillbillies are my bread and butter, they won’t mind if I make fun of them up here in the big fancy city!”


I did laugh out loud several times at the Bachelor: Farm Hunk skit.

“Tonight I have to send 3 of them home, probably the two black girls plus one of the curly haired ones…”

It is only funny because if you watch the Bachelor, you know that’s true.

I personally could have watched an entire episode devoted just to the “Wishin’ Boot” song.

(Yes, that is Wishin’ with no G.)

“We are going to make so much fuckin’ money off this song”

Sidenote: I love the fringe jacket Wynonna/Carrie is wearing. I want it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.06.07 PM

I will confess, I tried the “all you gotta do is believe” thing…it didn’t work.


The rest of the show was just blah and not even worth mentioning much less reliving.

The only highlights from Blake’s two musical performances was homegirl/reject from The Voice Gwen Sebastian getting DOWN and making the most of her back-upping gig.

Shake what your momma gave ya, sister!

My butt went into full on pucker mode when I heard the first 3 notes of “Boys Round Here” for the second musical performance. I hated that song THEN (<— my original thoughts on it) and I hate it now.

From following along with the Saturday Night Live hashtags, it looked like the people who liked the show really liked it, but the people who didn’t…well, they hated it.

I will end this Rita Review with these word from the guest host himself:



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