Billy Bob’s or Bust


JB and the Shiny Moon Boy Band is headlining Billy Bob’s Texas for the first time this weekend. did a whole big story thing about the band  on their website, but I can’t get the damned thing to “embed” and I am this close to slamming my computer against the wall.

Click HERE to watch the video…or just check out my Cliff Notes:

JB writes to get things off his tray.

JB traded his deer rifle for a guitar.

JB found the Moonshine Band because only 3 guys showed up to the open audition.

The band wrote down their goals when they first got together and “play Billy Bobs” was on the top of the list back in 2009 and they are headlining this Friday.

The three F’s are Friend Family and Fan Support.

JB is super, super excited about it.

Tina Turner headlined Billy Bob’s.

Skittle Johnson will be making his band debut this Friday.

If you want to go to the show and you’d like to get in on a bargain, you gotta hurry. You only have until tomorrow night to purchase your pre-sale packages HERE.  

$35 will get you a ride from Tyler, TX to Fort Worth for the show, admission to the show, event t-shirt and koozie.

$20 will get you admission to the show, event t-shirt and koozie.

These guys seem like such an easy bunch for me to totally make fun of because of their song subjects, but for some reason they make me feel happy when I hear their silly, cornball songs. Some of the songs really are processed cheese food, but they seem to be in on the joke…and that makes a big difference. I never said I was a music snob.




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    I think JB is yummy and I may be crazy, but me and my friends are actually riding the bus from Tyler to Billy Bob’s. Hell, where else can you pay $35 and get a ride to Ft. Worth, a shirt, koozie and a show?

  • Reply August 15, 2012

    Don in Huaco

    Even processed cheese food can be rendered edible with some Rotel and Italian sausage.

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