Ballou Flu Tiddy Bits

I’ve been sick this week. I have the Ballou Flu. I feel better today but Eric won’t let me in the studio because he is afraid of getting sick. I’m not even kidding. I am going to sit here at my desk and just blog some stuff until my phone dies and I get back in my car and drive back home and go back to bed.

Here goes:

Winged Guitar of the Day

Winged Guitar of the Day

Austin we are upping our power, so up yours! 

Call it whatever you want. 

Bro bingo

I love Wendy, but bitch better check herself. 

Skinny Annie got hitched.

Damn, he’s small.  

With a cool name like Slaid, you can say what you want. 

I honestly don’t have an opinion…I didn’t listen to the song for longer than 32 seconds. 

Top Five George commercials.  

Did someone make the air bag jokes already?  

I love those birds! 


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