Backhanded Compliment Tiddy Bits

My day started with a backhanded compliment so I thought it would be a good theme for today’s Tiddy Bits.

Well, that sucks. 

Domino Motherfucker. 

Here’s a poll where no one really wins except the corporate website because they use the passion of fans voting for their favorite music and use it to increase website traffic for more advertisers. 

So he’s happy now? Yeah! 

Dippin’ don’t do it. 

REK’s footprint in the snow. 

Trigger likes it, he really likes it! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.44.35 PM

^^Winged Guitar of the Day^^

I haven’t seen these guys in a while…I forgot how much I enjoy their stuff. 

He’s so sweet…and a food scientist like me too! 

Do you reckon they will let me on the red carpet to ask asshole-y questions? 


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