Another #BrokebackWeenie Episode Tiddy Bits

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I was on a blogging roll this week until we had another little #brokebackweenie episode with Princess Dolly. flyingguitar

They aren’t quite sure what Dolly’s prognosis is right now because she is closing in on her golden years, but when we got home on Tuesday night she was dragging her back left side again and was having a really hard time getting up at all. Of course, we freaked out…and ran her to the emergency vet. We left her overnight for observation and they didn’t think it was a reoccurrence of the IVDD which would have been the worst case scenario…and more than likely arthritis. She got some good anti-inflammatory drugs and is going to have to be back on “box-rest” for a week.

She is MUCH better today and is still gimpy but not in any pain. She’s a tough little mutt.

We obviously aren’t ready to let her go but we said after the first surgery we wouldn’t put her thru that again. Hopefully that isn’t a decision we will have to make any time soon, but either way we love her too much to ever see her in pain or have her quality of life be so poor that she isn’t enjoying us as much as we enjoy her. We are all just going to have to adjust our weenie lifestyle to life with an older doggie.

Now to just get these songs played not the radio…

Welcome to the Four Oh. 

I bet she wears a ball gown. 

I haven’t heard of ZUUS but apparently they have a “Red Dirt” Country channel that features Blake Shelton?!?! 

A Chris King Review

From the inside out. 

Because they need more spray tanned anorexic people at the Grammy’s 

I got this CD in the mail today…I love a girl with a fiddle. 

I haven’t watched this yet, but you can. 

That hot blonde chick with the mushroom headbands…

Remove Mack and put me in the middle…that would be my fantasy sammach! 

The first little record I ever bought with my own baby sitting money…



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