Angaleena Presley Performs ‘American Middle Class’ On Letterman (VIDEO)

Ballou TubeI’m not gonna lie…I haven’t had a chance to WATCH this performance yet because I am busier than a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest because I done and went and gots me a little “promotion” at KOKE FM…but I wanted to get it posted before Katie Key and Buddy Logan did! I swear, all this blog “competition” sucks! I wanted to be the Texas-Red Dirt Music gossip queen.

I will watch it when I finish everything on my Monday “To Do List”. I am going to have to buckle down, put on my “big girl-grown up” panties and remember what it was like when I had a real job with responsibilities and crap. I am excited about it only because I have been a sloth for the past couple years and I KNOW I can and do perform better when I have an actual SCHEDULE, tasks and goals. I might actually return to society rather than hide in my bedroom 12 hours a day behind this computer eating Nutty Buddy Bars.

Enough about me…this post is about Angalenna!

Nice BATHTUB sister...

Nice BATHTUB sister…looks familiar!

To listen to what I am officially calling the “All Up In Yo Face Bra-Country Music Without Apology Because Ain’t One Needed” Angaleena Presley album titled American Middle Class¬†that hits the streets tomorrow…just click HERE.¬†

(And ladies, if you have even done a “walk of shame” be sure to pay special attention to the song “Life Of The Party” because it will kick you right square in the vagina, figuratively of course…with the lyrics:

last night’s face on your pillow case

last call’s fool laying next to you

If that doesn’t paint a picture of “Daddy Issues” regret, I don’t know what does. (Even if the song is like 8 minutes long!)


Sidenote: I am totally being sarcastic about blog “competition”. Katie was “blogging” this scene before there WERE blogs and Buddy is my boy. I’d MUCH rather they SHOWCASE the amazing musicians in this scene for FANS than have one of “our” artist’s videos or songs be buried somewhere on Taste of Corporate…errr, Taste of Country or The Boot between Taylor Swift’s selfies with her cat’s litter box and stories titled “Ten Ways To Enjoy Luke Bryan’s Ball Sack Cheese This Thanksgiving” and other bullshit recycled PR fluff being “exclusively” posted because some publicist that lives in New York City and has never stepped foot in Texas or Oklahoma sent everyone on their contact list (but me) a press release and it gets posted by some payroll blogger that just needs filler for blog traffic so they can hit their required number of website clicks until Jason Aldean gets caught dry humping a stripper in public by TMZ again.

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