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Evan from the Turnpike Troubadours tried his hand at B-Rad’s “20 Questions” over on the Galley of the Winters. For a TT virgin like myself, it was all kinds of informative plus Brad uses the word “cusp”…Cusp is great word. It is just a fun word to say and read.

Turnpike Troubadours have taken the Texas/Red Dirt scene by storm the last couple years with a mix of excellent songwriting, superior musicianship and a killer live show.  Turnpike frontman Evan Felker displays wisdom beyond his years in his lyrics and has garnered well-deserved attention from respected writers for his process and dedication.  This edition of 20 Questions finds Felker and the rest of the Troubadours on the cusp of recording their highly anticipated follow-up album to Diamonds and Gasoline and continuing to play for growing crowds.  Check out the interview to find out about Evan’s karaoke song of choice, playing a gig during a riot, why to avoid root beer shots in Amarillo, what to expect from the next Turnpike Troubadour album and probably the best explanation of Texas/Red Dirt music I’ve ever heard.

1.  2010 and the first half of 2011 saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of your band with increased radio play and an ambitious touring schedule through Texas, Oklahoma and beyond.  What’s on tap for the rest of 2011 and beyond?

A new album, that’s always the next step. We have been touring on this one for a year and a half. With a new album comes a certain necessary vitality to the live show. Other than the new record it’s just shows.  We are going to play shit-loads of shows…I might even grow a mustache too.

2.  Your music and songwriting has a very cool old-school vibe without sounding dated.  You’ve managed to take arrangements featuring fiddles, harmonicas and banjos and have them sound very contemporary.  What inspired you to create this type of sound?

We were in a pretty interesting predicament when we started in that, we were writing our own music and trying to play it in these rough old bars and dance halls. There wasn’t any sort of a comfortable singer/songwriter environment where we could share our thoughts with like-minded people, it was either somebody’s porch or the bars. As a band, we became a product of both our influences and our environment. It wasn’t something that we sat in a room and dreamed up in one day.  The process has taken years and it is still ongoing.

3.  Name association:

-Jason Boland- Honky Tonk Hero

-Jason Eady-Good friend and great singer/songwriter

-Roger Ray- Solidarity

-Mike McClure- Prolific

Click HERE to read the rest of the interview and find out how the band came up with their name, his favorite touring memories, some deets on the other band members, and why he suggests all the kiddos out there just say NO to meth.


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    Hey Rita,
    Matson Rainer just rebroadcast a Roots and Branches episode last night from the beginning of the year that is Evan Felker and Wade Bowen. If you haven’t heard it, its worth a couple of hours listen. Good show.

    Damn….looks like we may have to beg MR to post it as a podcast… :/

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