Aldean Addresses Adultery Allegations

Jason Aldean has issued an official statement from his Facebook page and it has had over 3000 comments in 10 minutes! Holy crap.

Hey Guys – I wanted to talk to you directly, so you were hearing the truth from me and not just reading allegations made about my personal life on gossip web sites.

The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar. I left alone, caught the bus to our next show and that’s the end of the story. I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself.

I’m not perfect, and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys.

I really appreciate being able to work through this privately with my family and for all your continued support.

And there you have it.

I ain’t hating on your Jason. You are correct, no one is perfect. Good people do bad things for various reasons and I don’t think anyone is proud of that. Play on playa…

I could care less if Jason humps the entire Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader squad. For all we know Jason and his wife might have an understanding and it is cheaper to keep her. My only issue is with the tone in one part of his statement…”allegations made about me personal life on gossip web sites”. Fuck that noise.

Open letter time!

Dear Jason,

If you don’t want gossip websites to take and post pictures of you dry humping your little piece of side ass in public, dry hump her in private. See how easy that is? Don’t blame someone else just for doing their job.

Yours truly,

Rita Ballou

And one more while I am at it.

Dear LeAnn, 

If you had a dick, all you would have had to do when you got caught cheating was apologize on Facebook and blame TMZ. Sorry about that double standard. 

Sucks to be you,

Rita Ballou



  • Reply September 30, 2012


    I disagree..i hate gossip, tabloid and paparazzi.

    • Reply September 30, 2012


      Yes, I bet if he stuck his wee-wee inside her happy canal that would be TMZ’s fault too?

      When you become a CELEBRITY you have to deal with the GOOD and the BAD. You give up your right a great deal of your privacy. Again, if TMZ had hidden cameras placed in his bedroom or his dressing room at a venue I would say YES…that is over the line. HE IS IN A PUBLIC PLACE rubbing his crotch on a wanna be starlet dancer. IN PUBLIC. HE ISN’T HIDING IT.

      It isn’t gossip IF IT IS TRUE.

  • Reply September 30, 2012


    Says the person commenting on this blog

  • Reply September 30, 2012


    I’m actually very disappointed by this. I mean he didn’t even say anything cool like, “Oh I slipped on a banana peel and fell into her mouth.” Or “Hi I’m Jason Aldean and I’d like to talk to you about a growing problem in this country, sex addiction. It’s real, I have it.” Or I’d even take, “I thought she was choking but I’m a country singer not a medic so I was just doing the Heimlich all wrong.” Blaming TMZ for you making out with a dirty Diana in the middle of a public bar when you’re married is just ridiculous. He should’ve took her chillin on a dirt road instead! :)

  • Reply October 1, 2012


    Definitely a double standard for poor LeAnn the Pirate Hooker.

  • Reply October 1, 2012


    At least that chick is a lot hotter than his wife.

  • Reply October 2, 2012


    Jason Aldean has bad friends. Why did no one try to stop this while it was happening?

  • Reply October 2, 2012

    Bo Darville

    I’m just surprised he has a full head of hair. He wears that same hat all the time.

  • Reply November 2, 2013


    I’m sorry but Jason is so damn hot I just wished he would come to my small town of Fred Tx.

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