Rita’s Disclaimer:

If you are a part/fan of the Texas/Red Dirt music scene and feel that every band, singer, and musician makes amazing music and can do no wrong, you should log out immediately. Rita does not want you on her page. The purpose of Rawhide and Velvet is not to blindly kiss every artist’s ass, there are plenty of websites that do that. If you want your Red Dirt information delivered with brutal commentary and biting sarcasm, you are in the right place. Rita does it with style.

Too many of the fans have become brainwashed sheep and have just accepted the fact that their beloved music has become watered down, copycat crap. These bands have started taking themselves way too seriously and so have the fans. Rita is taking a stand. She is bringing you her opinions and wants you to feel free to do the same without the guilt. No one is safe and nothing is sacred.

Nothing in this blog is said to be pure fact and at best it is opinion, rumor, and conjecture. It is her brutally honest look at the “scene” with satire. It is what it is, so enjoy!

She doesn’t write or sing, play an instrument…so why would you care what she has to say about music?  Exactly. We are all here for the same reason…to read about Texas/Red Dirt music.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

If I sucked, I wouldn’t like her either.

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The Official Bio:

Blogger Rita Ballou took the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene by storm in February 2010 with her controversial website RawhideandVelvet.com. Rita has been described as the “Perez Hilton of Texas Country music” and love her or hate her, she is always entertaining. Rita delivers a snarky, but fresh look on country music, celebrities, reality television and all things pop culture. Her website is now not only considered a guilty pleasure must-read for over 50,000 music fans a month, but one of the most respected sources for Texas/Red Dirt information in the genre.

AwardsRita’s satirical essays can be found in Lone Star Music Magazine and her “Rita Rendezvous” columns are featured monthly in Best in Texas Magazine. Rita’s “All the Dirt in Red Dirt” news reports can be heard on all the Town Square Media radio stations throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Rita’s online recaps of the television shows CMT’s Texas Women, London Broadcasting’s Troubadour, Tx and MTV’s Big Tips Texas  have allowed her to parlay her writing into on-camera work covering such events as the Country Music Awards and the CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee,  the Music Fest in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the syndicated television show Lone Star Roads. She is also active in The Boot Campaign, an organization that helps raise awareness of the challenges that the military faces when they transition home from war.

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Rita can be heard in her role as the “Evil Sidekick” alongside her co-host Eric Raines each weekday afternoon from 3 pm-7 pm on Austin, Texas’s legendary KOKE FM on the popular “Rita and Raines” radio show and lives in Hutto, Texas with her husband “Ike Turner” Ballou and her two Instagram-infamous polka dotted weenie dogs Dolly Parton Campbell and Dewey Cox Campbell.