A Versus The Tiddy Bits

Happy Humpday!

I got so much feedback/email/direct messages about my not liking Granger Smith’s new single about “We Do It In A Field”. And yes, I messed up and called the song “We Do It In The Field”…the, a…whatever. Close enough. Calm down you bunch of hyenas before I have to get all dangling participle up on your asses.

Apparently I was wrong and lots of people do it in fields. Did you know that Canadians do it in prairie?

Say what you want, but in Shitville we always did it in a pasture.

I thought to settle this argument, we could vote. Things are very democratic here in Ritaville.

Where do you do it?


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Isn’t this like the chicken being put in charge of the fox’s den?

Hell of a drop. 

Giggle. So mean. 

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