A Hayes Carll Goes To The Looney Bin Non-Story Story


When is Hayes Carll NOT checking himself into the booby hatch a story? It is when everyone is saying he did!

My phone blew up Thursday night in the middle of Big Brother with people asking me if I heard about Hayes being “institutionalized”…and that is the funny part, they all used that word. The “Rita Hotline” is usually a good source of incoming gossip , but all of the people that were asking the same question were all unrelated. It was like some crazy Six Degrees of Hayes Funny Farm Separation.

Since I am super cool and obviously TOTALLY connected in the music business, OF COURSE I have Hayes’ phone number…so I texted him. I felt like a big dummy for asking because if it WAS true, I doubt very seriously that he would have access to his cell phone. I was so giddy when he actually texted me back and said that he wasn’t “institutionalized” at all and he was just on vacation with his family in Florida, that I totally missed Julie Chen wearing some dress made out of a brown grocery sack interview Jesse after she got evicted. That’s ok. I have a DVR.

I was like surrrrrre, surrrrrre you are Hayes. That is what EVERYONE that has been locked up for an Amanda Bynes/Britney Spears 5150 hold says! I reckon he was telling the truth because he confirmed all the rumors were indeed just that yesterday on his Facebook Page…all rumors.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 7.07.54 PM

Could Hayes Carll get any cooler? I mean seriously! He’s pretty cool, but the only way he could be cooler would be if there were some Twitter rumors about him dying in some tragic snow skiing accident.

This non-story story was even picked up by the Houston Press!

Click HERE to check it out.

Good times!


Yippee for mental stability!



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