Tuesday Tiddy Bits


I am have been a bit down in the dumps.

I really don’t have anything to be sad about, if anything it is the exact opposite, but there is just SO much going on in my life lately and I’d say 96% of it I don’t have any control over. When a control freak doesn’t have control that tends to create this odd little state of anxiety and I am literally drowning in it.

I’ll shake it. I always do.

I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many things I want to share with y’all…but I can’t quite yet. I will soon. I swear.

This week I have got to get my shit together and get back on the blogging wagon. I don’t want to spend all this time and energy and worry and then relaunch a website and discover that all of y’all have bailed on my lazy ass anyway!

Speaking of the website….here is my custom background. I looooooooove it so damned much.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.07.57 PM

I was talking to the computer people today and I was whining about why I can’t just start using the website now. It is like giving someone a brand new car and telling them they have to drive their shitty old car. He told me no…it is like being on the waiting list for a Ferrari. I just have to wait.

Greenfest rewind

They let him host these things, they just won’t give him one. 

Ha! I am stealing this idea Trailer. Consider it stolen.

Who is this bitch and why should we care? They all look the same to me.  

I liked it when country music stars weren’t mainstream. I blame Blake Shelton.  

The bird…

I’ve never been into Jason Isbell, but he liked something of mine on Instagram so now I am all in. 


Because 12 year old girls know who Carly Simon is? 

Mike McClure breakdancing???  

Winged Guitar of the Day





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